Cisco DHCP options for PXE boot to SCCM

In this article we will be setting up DHCP options on a Cisco Router for booting PXE clients in a separate subnet than the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Server. To do this we need to setup a DHCP pool with options 66 and 67 to point to the boot files and SCCM server.

 Once your Windows Deployment and PXE services are setup and functioning on the SCCM server you need to set DHCP option 67 to the path of the Bootfile.

 The default path to the proper bootfile is “\SMSBoot\x86\”.   Option 66 and the IP helper-address must be the

IP or DNS name of the server.

configure the DHCP Pool with option 66 and 67
ip dhcp pool <pool_name>
network <network_range_network+subnet_mask>
default-router <gateway_ip>
dns-server <dns_server1_ip dns_server2_ip>
option 67 ascii \SMSBoot\x86\
option 66 ip <SCCM_IP>

Helper address on interface gateway where the PXE client is located to point to SCCM server
interface <interface_name>
ip helper-address <SCCM_IP>

Here is a full config
ip dhcp pool staging
option 67 ascii \SMSBoot\x86\
option 66 ip

interface fastethernet 0/0
ip helper-address

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